How To Choose Thinning Shears Guide | Style & Size

There are a variety of kinds and brands of hair scissors on the market today.

A lot of people would choose a brand they recognize and are comfortable with and maintain its usage. If you're looking to know more about selecting scissors You're in the right spot.

However many varieties or brands of hair scissors you can find The key to finding the right pair is knowing how to choose the right pair for you.

This article contains all details and explanations regarding the selection of hair scissors, including the dimensions, handle style, and scissor blade. **

## Which Size Should You Purchase?

! [A picture of the different types of hairdressing scissors](/assets/images/posts/choose-scissors.jpg)

These are the steps to take to be sure to measure your hair before you start looking online for new scissors for hairdressing.

- Get an old pair of scissors for hairdressing or a ruler will suffice.

Place it on the left palm of your hand.

Find the length of the hair scissors or ruler using your palm.

- The tip of the blade or rule should be placed at the point of your middle finger.

The ruler's blade should be measured with your middle finger.

This will give you an idea about the dimensions you require.

If your middle finger is completely covered by the ruler, and the result is say 2 inches, the ideal scissor is a 5 inches scissor.

With five" scissors the blade could be anywhere from 2 to 3 inches long and the length of the entire scissors including the handle could be 5 inches.

Even though you'll still be able to use a bigger pair of hairdressing scissors with ease.

A 5" to 5" size will be sufficient for women with smaller hands.

For those with larger hands as men do with larger hands, a 6" to 6.5" would be sufficient.

There are a variety Of Scissor Handles Available To Select From

Classic Handle** This handle is an elongated level (the upper and lower blades align), the rings match and there's minimal ergonomics. They are the most common and common style of scissors.

*Offset Handle** This handle has a slight offset and features a shorter handle shank that connects with the thumb rings. This allows you to cut with ease and in a comfortable place. The ring on the bottom and the top ring don't lie completely aligned and have great ergonomics.

**Crane Handle** features a straight handle with the bottom ring of the handle shank and the rings on the bottom are angled downwards. It is ergonomically designed and the most comfortable comfort when cutting hair.

Hairdressing scissors can give you an insight into cutting method you use and the way of cutting in the salon. It is essential to be aware of the correct pair of scissors before you invest in them. It is more crucial to be aware of the specifics of the shear as well as the table, as different scissors can give you different cuts.

## Hair Scissor Blades

If what you want is scissors for beginners so you can practice with them on mannequins, or for students and apprentice hairdressers/barbers, then go for the serrated scissors (micro serrated scissors), because they have a better grip on the hair and create an easy straight haircut.

The convex edge blades are perfect for professionals, barbers, and hairdressers. They are excellent for cutting and cutting.

The style you cut will be determined by the way you grip the scissors. Being able to mix your cutting style and the way you hold your hairdressing scissors is important. The ability to select the best kind of scissors for your cut and style will make you stand out at the salon.

## How to hold a hairdressing scissors

To cut straight lines, you must hold the scissors vertically. Because of their angle, Offset Scissors can be recommended for this type of position. They will keep your hands in a natural and comfortable position as you cut.

For a blunt cut (that is bobs and one length) Your hairdressing scissors will need to be laid flat on the neck of your client. To achieve this your fingers and hands are to be placed in so to ensure that your fingers aren't into the way of cutting. The best scissor model for this kind of cutting styles is the crane hairdressing scissors.

To create a deep point cutting style, you'll need to keep your elbow to ensure that the scissors remain straight.

This design requires the top hairdressing scissors: The standard straight cutter for hairdressing.

A sharp or narrow razor that has perfect edges will enable you to perform intricate, precise work and draw a line around your client's hairlines.

## When is the Best Moment to Sharpen Your Hair? Scissors

Your scissors will last longer when they're kept in top working condition and kept in good condition on a regular basis. Your clients will appreciate clean cuts that are made with sharp cutting tools.

In reality, when you are asked "when the best moment to sharpen your scissors for hairdressing is?" The answer to this question isn't always clear. It's contingent upon the frequency that experts make use of the scissors as depending on the type of blade (either bevel or convex edge).

However, in general, all kinds of hairdressing scissors should be sharpened and maintained at least once a yearly to ensure they're in good condition. However, make sure that you bring your scissors to a place with experience in sharpening hairdressing tools so you don't cause damage to your tools.

The hairdresser and barber are the ones responsible for cleaning the scissors using oil and a dry cloth in order to ensure their durability.

So Which Hairdressing Scissors should I buy?

These are our top recommendations for professional hairdressing scissors:*

Juntetsu Offset hair cutting and thinning set with Japanese steel

Ichiro Offset Hairdressing Cutting & Thinning Scissors 6 "

Yasaka Offset Hairdressing Shears 5.5 inches. and 6 inches.

If you're looking for barber's scissors , you can check the following:

- Mina Sakura 7 inches barber scissors

- Yasaka 7 inches barber scissors, Japan

Ichiro K10 7 inches haircutting and barber cutting.

## Conclusion

The most effective hair cutting tool in Australia is different for each professional barber and hairdresser. When selecting the best pair of scissors for your hairdressing, you need to get the right size for your hands and cutting style.

It is recommended to use longer scissors to cut over-comb designs. For point haircutting techniques using point haircuts, a shorter blade is required.

Offset ergonomic handles also helps relieve any stress while barbering or styling hair because of the more natural fitting of your hand.

Let us know what you think on how to choose the best hair scissors in Australia!