Thinning Scissor Steel Types | Materials For Thinning Shears

Canada is a place where a barber can be a professional and an amateur hairdresser is referred to as 'barber'.

Which steel is the best for cutting? And, how do I know whether it's worth my cash?

They are among the most common questions people have. They appear to be straightforward questions. But it's not. This is the toughest element of purchasing the right hairdressing scissors or barber shears.

What kind of steel is my scissors made from? What's the difference between high-quality hairdressing scissors and cheap?

What is the difference between scissor steel from other steels?

  • Sharpness of the blades
  • How easy is it to be able to sharpen them?
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • The weight of the scissor
  • The fragile and brittle character of the blades
  • How long will it be?

In this way you'll be able to comprehend the reason why $300 is a better price for scissors for hairdressing than $99. It is vital to get the most effective tools for working on your hair day in and day out. In the end, it lasts for a long duration and gives you the performance you need with precision.

Understanding the various types of scissor steel

It is not an easy task to find out a good pair of hair-cutting scissors. Different brands and models use different steel types. So, which is the best steel type for barber shears or hairdressing scissors?

The Rockwell Hardness Rating , or HRC/HR is a measure of the quality of the scissor steel. This rating measures the overall strength and hardness of the scissors. The quality is higher with the hardest scissor blades.

Steel made of stainless is used to make haircutting scissors. And, the Rockwell Hardness Scale measures the grade of the steel. Below is a list of prices and quality of cut-offs of low-quality in Australia.

Hardness Qualitative Estimated Price
50 to 55 HRC Low quality, soft cutting blade From $50 to $199
55-57 HRC Blades for hairdressing entry-level Between $99 and $299
Between 57 and 59 HRC This blade is an intermediate-level scissor. It is simple to sharpen, rust-resistant and tougher. From $149 to From $149 to
58 to 60 HRC Quality, high-end, medium- to high-end scissor cutting Between $249 and $800
60 to 62 HRC 60 to 62 Blades of high-quality for cutting hair. The best scissors are equipped with this feature. This feature is simple to use, rust resistant more durable and sharper edge. $299 - $1000
60 to 63 HRC The finest quality hair cutting blade. They're only available to the finest scissors. $700 to $1500

So, everything depends on the HRC factor. If you have a higher HRC, you'll get a more durable material, a more flexible blade that is more resistant to corrosion and the list goes on.

It is essential to consider more than HRC when choosing between high-quality hair cutting scissors that are of low-quality. Manufacturing standards and quality determine the performance of a scissor in addition.

Let's look at the popular steel names to have a clear understating of them.

The difference between the quality and craftsmanship in haircutting scissors can be determined by the grade of the stainless steel.

The distinction between high-end and low-cost materials for making hair scissors can result in a variation in pricing.

Then, we will discuss the best material for hair scissors. Also, you get to know about the quality of steel used to make cutting shears.

Best stainless steel for hairdressing scissors

Hair scissors of all kinds are made from stainless steel. However, Japan makes the finest stainless steel used for hair scissors.

The Japanese steel has some advantages that can be used in cutting tools. The Japanese steel is extremely sharp and balanced for excellent ergonomics. It also requires less sharpening.

The most effective Japanese steel for hair scissors is ATS314 and VG1. VG10, VG1 and 440C.

Better metal means better blades

Japanese hair scissors are made with convex edge sharp blades. It requires high-quality steel that is hardened. So, the sharp edge of the blade is maintained for a longer period. Also, you need little sharpening as a result of the hardened steel.

Better metal means better ergonomics

Steel of high-quality has a lightweight weight. It is, therefore, it exerts minimal pressure on your shoulders, elbow, wrist, and fingers when cutting hair.

A longer scissor life

Premium Japanese steel means that the hair scissors are more resistant to corrosion. Japanese steel lasts for 20 years, or longer provided you take good care of them.

Where can you purchase the most effective hair scissor iron?

You can get the best hair scissors of the highest quality from the below steel.

  • Japanese steel - They possess the highest quality steel in the world.
  • German steel - Highest quality from a European country
  • Korean steel - The best in Asia
  • Chinese steel - Great quality
  • Taiwanese Steel High Quality

Pakistan, India, and Vietnam produce the worst quality steel. Hair scissors made in these countries have blunt edges. They require regular sharpening prior to breaking.

Top 10 Steels for Hair Scissors

With different types of metals that are used, finding the right barber shears for you can be a challenge. Here is the list of the top 10 varieties of hair scissor steel , arranged from best to worst.

Steel Rankings Name Description
1 ATS314 (ATS-314) Premium Japanese steel with Vanadium and Titanium in large quantities
2 VG10 Gold (VG-10) Japanese steel that has high levels of Vanadium and Titanium. Great for cutting knives and scissors
3 V10 (V-10) Intense levels of Vanadium and Titanium that gives more strength to the hair scissor blades
4 V1 (V-1) Starter-level Vanadium and Titanium for sharper scissor edges
5 S3 (S-3). For sharp cutting edges, extremely high levels of Supreme Cobalt are required
6 S1 (S-1). Entry-level Cobalt for hair with a hardened cut edges
7 440C Premium hair scissors with hardened Japanese steel
8 440A Standard steel used for cutting blades that are normal
9 420 For knives and scissors, stainlesssteel with a low price.
10 410 Sub-standard steel not recommended for professional hair scissors

The hair scissors are more durable and more durable than those comprised of titanium and Vanadium. They help make the scissors lighter, so that you can cut easily.

Cobalt steel ensures that the blade is strong and light. The blade is sharp and lasts for a a long period of time. It means you don't have to sharpen it regularly.

Top 15 hairdressing scissors for steel

The following ranking of the best steel are based upon the quality, performance, and the quality. The highest grade scissor steel is readily available. We've listed them below, depending on your budget.

This is the recommended quality of steel for hair scissors, suggested by hair stylists across the globe.

1. 64 HRC: V1

The V1 steel model is definitely a best quality steels. The steel that is V1 is used by many barbers and hairdressers. The V1 is the successor to V10 steel. It comes with increased toughness, crack resistance, and harder blades.

The V1 steel is utilized in scissors. This guarantees top quality. Also, it is a pricey of.

2. From 62 to 63 HRC ATS314 (ATS-314)

The steel ATS314 is produced by Hitachi Metals Corporation in Japan. This steel type is used in the finest barber and hairdressing shears. A lot of brands refer to the ATS314-steel used in their hair scissors. But a handful of manufacturers utilize the iron produced by Hitachi.

This kind of steel creates a high-quality scissor blade. It has a superior hardness. Blades are sharper over longer time due to this hardness that is superior. It is a great tool while handling a clam-shaped or convex edge.

3. 60 HRC 3.60 HRC: The VG10 (VG-10)

Otherwise called V Gold 10, the VG10 is another best quality Japanese steel used for hairdressing scissors. Takefu Special Steel is its producer. This high-quality steel is good for cutting hair. It has anti-corrosion properties and is resistant to abrasion.

The VG10 cutting scissors have sharper blades, such as a beveled, clam or convex edges.

The VG10 variant of steel is extremely light and sharp. Furthermore, only premium quality scissors use this steel. This steel isn't only available in Japan. It's because Japanese metal companies are more likely to export internationally.

4. 60-62 HRC: 10CR

Are you looking for an updated version of 440C steel? 10CR steel is designed for professional use. It's close to Hitachi's VG10 or Takefu. The steel quality provides ultimate quality and sharpness for cutting scissors.

Other attributes include resistance to corrosion and wear Sharpness retention price, and toughness. To sum up, it is a premium quality steel for barber and haircutting scissors priced less than $1000.

5. The 58-60 HRC range is 440C.

There is a version 440C on the most well-known brands such as Yasaka. It offers all-round performance with regards to hardness and resistance.

The steel blade is also affordable. They are razor-sharp with an edge that is convex. This makes it a professional barber and hairdressing scissor.

6. Between 59 and 62 HRC: 8CR

This steel is a fantastic choice for the production of high-quality cutting tools and barbering tools. It works in the same way as Hitachi's 440C and transforms each scissor into an professional tool.

With a good blade edge retention, it will keep the shears' edge sharper for many years. For additional durability, steel is impervious to corrosion and wear. The steel can also be used for making hairstyles.

7. 57 to 60 HRC 7CR

7CR 7CR is the harder version of 4CR. The steel offers great edge retention, wear, and corrosion resistance, and can be sharpened with ease.

This type of steel is great for hair scissors that are mid-range. This is why it's perfect for professionals and hairdressers at home, as well being a great tool for apprentices.

8. 56 to 58 HRC: 420

The 420 steel type is a bit softer than Japan's 440C. It's ideal for hair scissors that are mid-level. Additionally, you can anticipate an affordable price from this variant of steel. It is still a great option for professionals.

9. 55 to 58 HRC for Stainless Alloy Steel

The steel that is used in manufacturing hair scissors is stainless steel. In essence, it's an umbrella term that does not provide enough information on the hair scissor quality that you purchase.

There are stainless steel products from several brands across Australia between 55 and the HRC of 58. They give good results. They're also reasonably priced at prices between $99 to $200.

10. 62 HRC S3 (S-3)

Rare and distinctive steel from Japan's Yasuki Silver. The S3 is a well-known brand for its top cutting blades in terms of hardness. They are available in the kitchen as well as chef knives. They can also be found in a handful of hairdressing scissors as well as barber shears.

Additionally, the S3 steel blades also offer the highest quality of hardness, top performance and corrosion-resistant hair snippers. They are perfect tools for professionals.

11. 56 HRC: 410

Common chrome steel 56 HRC comes with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and damage. You can see them in mid-level haircutting scissors that originate from Japan.

12. 53 to 56 HRC: Chromium Steel

With a variety of sub-categories and sub-categories. Chrom steel is a mid-to-low-level steel. You can locate them on hair scissors made in Europe or Germany. Famous brands such as Jaguar utilize Chromium steel to make their cutting scissors for beginners.

Chromium steel scissors are a good option for those with the funds to buy them. They are also very affordable. They are ideal for blades with bevel edges because of their sturdiness.

13. 13.

Similar to 4CR13 Similar to 4CR13, the 4CR14MOV stainless steel model is also available. They are easily found in the majority of mid-level hairdressing scissors due to their availability.

In addition, they perform well in this area and are popular with scissor brands outside Japan.

14. 53-55 HRC 3.CR13

3CR13 is a well-known Chinese stainless steel model. It has similar properties with the popular 420J2 (AUS4). It's the simplest steel that is employed to create standard hair cutting scissors. However, it's better not to use thin shears such as this.

15. 55-57 HRC: 4CR13

The 4CR13 also referred to 40CR13 steel is a standard-steel variation. It is more durable and harder than 3CR13 steel. It is more robust and can be used by makers of scissor to create sharp convex and bevel cutting blades with sharp edges.

Are you able to afford the 4CR13 steel scissors? These scissors are as efficient as the majority of mid-level hair cutting tools. This is a good alternative for cutting hair , without spending any money.

Canadian scissors highlight the distinction between low-quality steel and high-quality steel.

All kinds of scissors are made from stainless steel, it is transparent. However, there are specific high-quality levels of steel. This is the thing that differentiates stainless steel from other forms. Furthermore, the performance of the hair scissors relies on the high-quality of the stainless steel.

High-quality stainless steel hair scissors are more effective than low-quality hair cutting tools. Therefore, the distinction between low and high quality steel is an essential factor in the overall performance of the hairdressing tool.

In the end, the most effective steel hair scissor that you can buy is made in Japan. The Japanese stainless steel hair scissors have sharper edges, making it easier to cut hair with precision. It's ergonomically designed, with a light weight. Furthermore, because of its high-quality construction, it doesn't require regular sharpening.

There aren't the same functions on a lower-quality steel scissor. If you're a novice or a professional hairdresser, owning an appropriate pair of high-end steel scissors is a must. The popular Japanese steel comes in ATS314, 440C, The VG1 and the VG10 are two of them.

The most high-quality steel is superior to cutting. This enhances the hair's cutting ability. Japanese shears use convex edge blades. Because of its hard steel, it requires less sharpening.

Good quality steel provides good ergonomics. Not only are scissors made from high-quality steel are very light however, they also offer excellent ergonomics. High-quality steel is generally lighter. This means that there's less pressure on your shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, or wrists. This is extremely helpful when performing hair cuts.

High-quality steel gives the scissor more life. Japanese hair scissors, constructed from top-quality Japanese steel are stronger against wear and corrosion and other issues. They will therefore last for a long time. The Japanese scissor can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. It could last longer based on how well you take care for them.

Which countries produce the finest scissor-steel?

Germany, Japan, and China make the highest quality hair scissor steel. Japan produces the highest quality scissor-steel. This is the reason there is so much hype about Japanese cutting scissors.

Germany is the world's largest producer of high-quality chromium-steel. Jaguar is among the most popular brands for scissors is known for producing top-quality hairdressing shears.

China produces high-quality steel in huge amounts. In addition, they compete with Germany as well as Japan in regards to quality. Moreover, China produces the best value steel for the price for professionals.

Commonly asked questions: Scissor steel

Here are the commonly requested questions on hair scissor steel.

1. Which one is right for me?

The best scissor steel for you depends on your budget. V1, VG10 and ATS314 are of the highest quality. But each of these might cost you upwards of $1000. If you are looking for the most price, consider the strength of the 58 HRC or more.

2. 2. What is the Titanium-steel cutting tool?

Many times, Titanium steel scissors appear to deceive. They are an color coating or small amount of it is added to the production of steel scissors. To find the most suitable scissor steel for you look at its hardness.

3. What is the most budget-friendly steel?

The 440C is the ideal option for those with small budget. Steel scissors that have 56 HRC are inexpensive and give a good performance.

4. What can I do to choose my hair cutting scissors?

The important difference between scissors and their pricing and performance is the quality of the steel. The cost of steel that is of the highest quality is higher. But the scissors stay sharper for a longer time.

5. What can I do to stay away from fake or low-quality steel made in China or Pakistan?

Pakistan produces the most sloppy hair scissors and you should avoid buying them. There are numerous kinds of Chinese steel which include high-quality and low-quality versions. To buy hair scissors online make sure you stay away from Amazon, eBay, and Wish. Look for trusted websites that offer exchange and warranty. In this way, you'll be able to take a look at the scissors, and learn about the quality.

6. What is the most well-known scissor steel that cuts hair?

The standard 440C steel used for hair scissors.

7. Which scissor steel for cutting hair is perfect for professionals?

Professionals prefer Japanese steel , 440C.

8. Which steel is good for apprentice or student hairdressers?

The 440A is the best first-level haircutting device.

9. Is there a 100%-titanium hairstylist?

You won't find hair scissors made of 100% titanium. There are some shears however with the equivalent of 2-10% titanium.

10. What is stainless steel?

It is utilized in all scissor blades. There are several variations of stainless steel and the top-quality versions are a lot harder.

11. Which is the best metal for hair scissors?

VG10 or ATS314 premium steel for hair scissors from Japan.

12. What about the existence of Damascus scissor steel?

The Damascus steel for making hair scissors is just a design. The steel isn't used for more than 300 years.

13. Is Titanium scissor or steel better?

Blades are more durable and more durable due to Titanium. There is Titanium in premium hair scissors. Moreover, Titanium blades have great quality, are light and are sharper.

14. What's the 6CR steel?

The 6CR13MOV, or 6CR steel, is made up of the 0.66 carbon additional element in the material. It is good for hair cutting shears that are basic.

15. What's the deal with the 9CR steel variant?

The most premium Chinese steel is 9CR13MOVCO or 9CR18MOV , or 9CR. It's used to make the finest hairdressing and barbering scissors.

16. What is an Titanium coated scissor?

Titanium can be used to shape hair shears. It doesn't improve the performance or sharpness of the hair scissor.

17. Are powder steel hair scissors worth the investment?

Powder steel is a high-quality metal, which results from an exclusive process. Shears made from this type of metal have sharper blades, greater strength and corrosion resistance as well as lighter designs. The Japanese Takefu VG10, Hitachi ATS314 and Japanese Hitachi ATS314 scissors are similar to those made from powder steel.

Conclusion: What Scissor Steel Should I Use in Canada?

If you are looking for a professional pairof scissors, it is recommended to purchase scissors for cutting or thinning scissors that have an HRC of 60 (HRC).

The most widely used kind of professional scissors is the 440C There are also different versions (non-Japanese) from China as well as South Korea that provide you with a professional and less costly cutting experience.

Tell us your thoughts on the most effective haircutting scissor materials you've seen in Canada!