How To Use Thinning Scissors | Thinning Hair With Shears

Everybody knows what a pair is. But what about thinning scissors?

This article will show you how to use thinning tools in a barbershop, salon, or at home on any type of hair.

The most commonly misunderstood tool in hairdressing is the thinning scissors. Learn when to use thinning tools for thick, curly, and all types of hair.

There are three things you should remember when using thinning scissors

  • Type of hair you are thinning
  • The type of thinning scissor that you use
  • How to hold and use the thinning scissor

This article will show you how to hold and use your thinning scissors at the home. It also shows how to use your thinning scissors for men and women. Let’s not waste any more time!

Different types of thinning scissors for sale in Australia

Let’s get started by learning how to thinning scissors in a professional salon, barbershop, school, or at home.

Step 1: Which type of hair do you want to thinning?

Thinning scissors are used to trim hair. A client may need to thin their hair to add style to thick or bushy hair.

Hairdressers, barbers, and hairstylists use thinning scissorsor techniques to:

  • Blend your hair in different sections (longer and shorter)
  • Removing excess weight from thicker hair sections
  • Softening your hairlines

You will first need a haircutting scissors. Then, at the end of your hair, you can use thinning scissors.

Person with thick hair needs to use thinning scissors

Thinning scissors can be a great tool for people who have thicker, curlier hair.

Thinner hair may only be necessary to blend different lengths of hair together. This will allow you to style your hair more than losing weight.

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Step 2: Which type of thinning scissors do you use?

There are many types of professional thinning scissors

Thinning scissors use teeth to trim hair. Your thinning scissors’ teeth will affect the cut-away and thinning ratio.

Standard thinning scissors have between 30-40 teeth and a thinning ratio of 30-35 percent.

These are the three main types for thinning scissors:

  • Texturizing and blending are two ways to reduce the number of teeth by 20-30%
  • 6-12 & 30-to-40 teeth thinners: Thickers that reduce heavy weight
  • 14-20 teeth thinners: blending, finishing

If you are looking to texturise or blend your hair, then you should look for scissors that have between 20 and 25 teeth. Each hairdresser is different and will use the thinning scissors that they are most comfortable with.

Chomper thinners can be used to remove hair that is too thick or in dense clusters. This will give you a more natural look and feel.

If you’re looking for a thin scissor but aren’t sure which one to buy, then 30 teeth is a good starting point.

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Step 3: How to hold the thinning scissors and how to use them

A picture showing how to hold your scissors for thinning

It is essential to know how to properly hold your scissors before you begin thinning hair. While thinning your hair, a firm and comfortable grip will help reduce strain on your wrist and fingers.

How to grip hair scissors like a professional barber or hairdresser requires that you position your thumb and fingers correctly. Also, which muscle should be used to open and close your scissors?

These are the steps to use for hair thinning scissors

  • Insert your ring finger into the smaller hole
  • Insert your thumb into the larger hole.
  • Place your pinky finger on the hook of the handle
  • Place your index and middle fingers on the handle

Next, use your thumb to open and shut the thin scissor blades.

The best and most efficient way to hold your scissors is the simple one. This is known as the Traditional Western Grip and is how most hairdressers hold their scissors.

When you use your thinning scissors, the blade with teeth must face up towards the ceiling.

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Step 4: How to use thinning scissors on hair

A hairdresser trimming the hair of their clients with scissors

It’s easy to know which type of hair-thinning scissors you have and how to hold them.

You can thinning your hair by simply grabbing a section of thick, bushy hair between your index and middle fingers, and then slide the thinning scissors underneath your fingers.

You can also use the hair comb to thin the hairs coming out of the comb’s top teeth.

Both methods can be used in salons and barbershops across Australia.

You can style your hair with the texturising or thinning shears after you have finished the main part.

Step 4.1: How to use thinning shears to blend

With scissors, thinning and blending hair

To blend hair, you can use texturising or thinning shears.

Blending hair means that you have two sections of hair with different lengths. You use the texturising or thinning scissors to blend the hair between the two ends.

  1. Dry your hair after you have finished your haircut.

  2. You can either use your index and middle fingers or a comb to blend the hair between the two sections.

  3. 3.Open the thinning scissors blades and close it in a smooth motion with the hair between.

  4. This process should be repeated at the point where the different sections meet.

  5. How to use thinning scissors to remove thick hair, and to texturize

  6. Make sure your hair is straight down at all times, whether you are doing the haircut at the end or the beginning. No knots or tangled hair should be allowed.

  7. You can locate the hair section you want to trim using your index and middle fingers. Or you can use a comb to get it.

  8. The thinning scissors should be held in the dominant hand. Place the scissors about an inch above your fingers.

  9. Move the open blades towards the hair in a smooth glide motion. This motion is very similar to the way you would brush your hair or comb it.

  10. Continue this process for every section of thick hair that you want to trim.

Step 4.2: How to use your thinning scissors at-home

If you want to cut your hair or give a haircut to someone else, a home-based thinning machine can be a good idea.

We recommend that beginners thinning less hair than they want. Too much hair can make it hard to fix any damage.

Blending two sections of your hair together at the end is the easiest and most efficient way to reduce hair loss at home. It can be hard to thin your hair at home. You might need to use a mirror or ask someone to help.

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