Mina Hair Thinning Scissor Brand | Apprentice & Home Hair Shears

The Mina Scissors company makes high-end, professional hairdressing, cutting and barber scissors. Utilizing ergonomics that are professional, stainless steel, and basic bevel, flat-edge or convex-edge blades they create the ideal professional hair scissors for beginners.

Mina Scissors Summary

  • Professional offset ergonomics
  • Cutting-steel stainless
  • The prices for scissors range from $99 to $249.
  • Sizes including: 4.0", 4.5", 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5" and 7.5"
  • Models: Umi. Ash. Sakura. Jay. Matte black. Classic.

Mina Scissors Review

Mina hair scissors are more popular due to their durability and affordability. If you're seeking the best all-rounder hair cutting tool for under $200, then Mina Umi, Sakura Classic, Mina Umi, Sakura, Classic or Matte Black are very affordable and offer great value.

Mina's hair scissors make use of the majority of flat-edge bevel or convex blades. Mina is the top hair scissors for use at home and salons, barbersshops, and to learn with.

Mina is an excellent brand of scissors for beginners and those who are seeking affordable, entry-level cutting tools.

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